GB gearbox for green riding mowers: reduced noise by 5 decibels

GB, an Italian company specialised in power transmission systems for the sector of agriculture and the maintenance of green spaces, and characterised by the great attention that is paid to the development of customised solutions, has designed – upon request – a gearbox thanks to which the noise level of the final product was reduced by 5 decibels.

The gearbox had been requested by Peruzzo, from Curtarolo (PD), an important global player in the market of riding mowers and lawn mowers that requested high performance from the point of view of noise reduction in its product.

In particular, a gearbox for green riding mowers to be used on golf courses and to be used on small tractors with 2600 rpm power take-off.

GB manufactured the product thanks to a technological cycle devoted to the production of gears with helical teeth, thus making the gearbox work at 2600 rpm with a noise level of 79/82 decibels. In addition, some features were introduced in order to be able to keep the operating temperature at 75°C.

Then, GB performed an accurate assembly of the gearboxes, adopting adequate tolerance values, and thus meeting the client’s requirements.

The gearbox developed by GB for Peruzzo has been recently exhibited at EIMA, the trade fair devoted to the sector of agriculture and maintenance of green spaces.