Gearboxes: GB towards the integrated certification system

With the intention of positioning themselves on the higher level of the European and international markets, GB gearboxes are redefining the company standards for obtaining the system integrated certification which includes the quality, the environmental and the safety qualifications (UNI EN ISO 14001) (OHSAS 18001).

The GB gearboxes, thanks to the attention concerning the high quality and flexibility of the product’s customization are strongly enhancing their presence on foreign markets as United States, Canada or other European Countries. In these areas is even more obvious the attention not only to the product but also to job’s environmental healthy and safety matters which contribute to build an high quality manufacture.

GB puts among his next targets the integrated certification which includes quality, environmental and safety qualifications which raise by the will and the need of creating a pleasant and safe working environment: an additional guarantee for ensuring the very high standards which match the design and the manufacturing of the GB gearboxes.